Profitability is great for a business, but managing growth is an art not practiced by most businesses. Let us set you on a steady path to a sustainable rise.

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Does your business have a sustainable model, are you compliant with all regulations? Are you not sure?

What Drives Us

1The cost for paying consultants is often prohibitive for small businesses. This keeps them oblivious to important business management and financial principles and practices. Our vision is to continually bridge this gap by providing custom solutions that work for small businesses at an affordable more →

Turnkey Solutions

2Besides making sure that businesses we service are tax compliant and their financial records support their growth plans we educate proprietors on how to interpret their finances, develop their businesses and organize workshops for their benefit. Small businesses are at the core of employment creation and economic development…read more →

Our Market

3Lack of technical capacity cripples and sustainable growth. This is one of the major contributors to SMMEs failing in their 3rd year. These failures leave a trail of debt which hampers most entrepreneurs from entering the business domain after their failed ventures; e.g. ITC and non payment of Taxes which more →

Core Competence

4AATS is governed by its core values which shape our corporate culture and guides how we interact with stakeholders. These core values strongly express our desire for success which is based on the amount of value we generate for our customers, partners, employees, community and investors…read more →